Lateisha Ousley, a broadcast news major, used the Bible to refute the Pinpoint Evangelism preachers’ arguments. (Meg Wilson)

By Traviss Witt and Meg Wilson

Three traveling evangelists from southern Kentucky attracted attention from Eastern students in Powell Plaza on Tuesday. The group preached for several hours, telling them they would be spending eternity in Hell.”Brother Tracy” began shouting his arguments as students raised questions and expressed disagreement with his beliefs. The evangels’ main targets were those practicing other faiths, those having pre-marital sex and the LGBT community. Several students brought posters and megaphones as a counter-protest, which read “If I’m going to Hell, I will see you there,” and “Separation of church and hate.”

The situation grew more tense when Lateisha Ousley, a broadcast news major from Lexington, grabbed a Bible and began loudly refuting what the preachers were saying. One of the evangels stuck out his hand, motioning her to stop, saying, “you are a woman, you can’t teach a man.” Most students at the gathering said they were confused or offended by the Pinpoint Evangelism team. “He’s saying only God can judge, but he’s judging everyone,” sophomore William Leslie said.

Others said they thought the situation could be a good discussion starter for others wishing to talk about their religions.

“It isn’t that what they’re doing is a bad thing,” junior Eric Philbeck said. “It isn’t that they’re doing a bad thing. Anytime you can get people to discuss religion it’s a good thing. The way they’re going about doing it is the bad part.