By Greg Schulte

If you’ve never watched any of the Saw movies, then you missed what is more or less the same plot: A group of people who are related in some way are captured and placed in an abandoned building that’s been loaded to the gills with dangerous traps. And it’s up to them to determine each other’s deaths.And with Saw 6, not a thing has changed.

The plot of the story revolves around Jigsaw, the central madman who builds the elaborate death traps, bent on continuing his reign of terror. This time, he decides to attack a business that was in charge of his life insurance policy and denied him a loan.

Feeling betrayed, he decides to kidnap the boss along with the company employees. Then he forces the boss to choose how each of his associates will die through a variety of creative and sadistic death traps.

Like the other Saw movies, this one comes with a twist, one that the audience probably won’t see coming.

Although the movie was shot by a director new to the Saw series (Kevin Greutert), it features the same cast of writers from the previous movies. It’s pretty safe to say that fans of any of the earlier flicks will find something to like in this one as well.