I would like to talk about the selling of shirts to support the fight against breast cancer here on Eastern’s campus. I have nothing against this act and I highly support those who helped sell the shirts and those who bought them.

What I find very troubling is that this campus supports and breeds cancer.

What good does it do to sell T-shirts to raise money to fight cancer when so many people on campus smoke. It is both hypocritical and stupid.

Eastern, with its very limited stance against smoking compared to other institutions such as NKU and UK, is supporting lung cancer, breast cancer, throat cancer and all other problems that come with heavy use of tobacco products.

If this campus had a total ban or a more substantial anti-smoking policy, then selling the T-shirts would not look so bad.

What seems stupid is to see people selling these T-shirts outside middle Powell with 10 to 15 smokers in the immediate 25-foot radius and probably another 30 smoking in the plaza.

Even with what limited smoking policy Eastern has, enforcement of it is a problem.

Walk out of any building after class and sometimes you will be greeted on the other side of the door by a cloud of smoke.

The 25-foot rule is weakly enforced at best and the smoker aquariums seem to be quite useless since I can be walking down any pathway and have to hold my breath while I pass a number of smokers.

NKU bans smoking on “all heavily trafficked pathways”. UK bans it altogether.

Continuing to support this self-destructive behavior in the 21st century, when we have so much data about the deadly affects of smoking, is really backwards thinking.

To endorse the fight against cancer while smoking is so prevalent at this institution is idiocy at its finest.

As a final note, I find it very funny when I see someone smoking who is wearing the “It’s all about the boobs!” shirt.

They may get to keep their boobs, but boobs are useless without lungs.

Victor Sinatra
Eastern student