By Laura Butler

The Student Government Association senate body deliberated for nearly four hours before giving away the last of the $33,000 it had to divide among numerous registered student organizations at Eastern. Each semester, RSO’s can apply for funding from the student senate by filing forms and itemized budgets, and selecting a sponsoring senator to state their case at the appropriation session.

The senate’s appropriations committee then reviews the submitted packets and letters from organization advisers to give them a ranking, deciding which groups should be first on the list to be considered. This year, 21 RSO’s applied for funding, and 17 were successful in receiving at least part of what they asked for.

The EKU Paintball Club received the most money, nearly $7,000, after winning over the senators with the idea of a paintball course on campus.

Student Sen. Matt Robinson, who represented the group, said the paintball club already have most of the supplies it needs to get the course going, but it still lacked a large air compressor to fill the CO2 tanks on the paintball guns.

Robinson also said the course would be open to anyone on campus for use, and suggested it would be a good team-building activity for all groups on campus, swaying most senators to vote “yay” on the budget.

Not all organizations got as much on their wish lists though, especially those ranked lowest on the appropriations list and therefore considered at the end of the meeting.

The National Honorary Theatre Society, Alpha Psi Omega, received $80 – just a fraction of the amount they asked for to pay audition fees at a theatre conference. The group was the 19th organization on the list and took the last of the money in the fund for this semester.

The EKU Ice Hockey Club, which applied for almost $50,000, only received less than half a percent of its submitted budget. After giving money to 16 other RSO’s already, the senate had just $339.48 to give away and the group received $252, enough to pay for one sheet of ice for a home game.

This information is a comprehensive list of all organizations that received money, how much each was given. SGA had $33,079.02 to distribute this semester.

For a more detailed list, and to find out what each organization plans to spend the money on, visit

 EKU Quick Recall Team: $643.98
 EKU VETS: $2,445.21
 Society of Professional Journalists: $1,816
 National Student Speech Language Hearing Association: $2,532.30
 Industrial Organizational Psychology Club: $992.16
 International Student Association: $5,265
 Sigma Pi: $625
 Feminists for Change: $990.80
 Phi Beta Lambda: $954.96
 Foreign Language Club: $361.76
 Music Industry Organization: $2,409
 Barrister’s Society: $2,655
 EKU Paintball Club: $6,707.40
 Pershing Rifles: $3,550
 EKU Club Softball: $798.45
 National Residence Hall Honorary: $0
 EKU Ice Hockey Club: $252
 EKU Percussive Society: $0
 Alpha Psi Omega: $80
 Lambda Chi Alpha: $0
 EKU Students for Life: $0