All information in the Police Beat is taken from Eastern police reports.Oct. 6

  • An employee reported that 160 feet of coated copper wire was stolen, along with two holders, from a welding shop truck. Nearly 40 feet of wire was left hanging on the truck but was damaged. The total stolen value was $500, while the total amount of damage was $600.

Oct. 8

  • A female student told police her Medical Biochemistry book had been stolen while she was studying in Crabbe Library. She said she went downstairs to purchase a cup of coffee and the book was gone when she returned. The total stolen value is $80.
  • A female student reported to police that the rear spoiler on her 2009 Honda FIT had been torn off and left on the ground. The crime happened in the Ault parking lot between 9:30 p.m. on Oct. 6 and 7 p.m. on Oct. 7. The total damage was $300.

Oct. 10

  • Bradley Smith of Berea was arrested and charged with alcohol intoxication and possession of marijuana after passing out on a couch in the Todd Hall Recreation Room around 3 a.m. When asked, Smith couldn’t tell police where he was. Upon further investigation, a small sandwich bag of marijuana was located in Smith’s pocket. The bag contained 13.6 grams of the drug and was worth $204.
  • Nathan McCormack was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after an officer said it appeared he slapped his girlfriend during an argument the two were having in the Alumni Coliseum parking lot. Both McCormack and the girlfriend said he had not slapped her, and instead, only knocked a set of keys out of her hand.

Oct. 11

  • A female student claimed her Pantene shampoo, conditioner and her Bactene medicated shampoo had been stolen from a restroom in Keene Hall. The total stolen value was $19.

Oct. 14

  • A baseball coach reported to police that a home plate mat had been stolen from the dugout. It is advised that the mat would weigh about 100 pounds. It was valued at $400.

Oct. 16

  • Natalie Dubin was arrested and charged with alcohol intoxication after police received a call from an unknown intoxicated female. The occupants of a room in Telford Hall told police Dubin had walked into their room, got in bed and passed out. When Dubin was awakened she couldn’t tell police whose room she was in and alcohol was detected on her person.