All information in the Police Beat is taken from Eastern police reports.Sept. 28

  • A staff member of the Stratton Building reported to police that an LCD projector had been stolen from a room. It was valued at $1,000.

Sept. 30

  • An officer was dispatched to Commonwealth Hall after reports that someone had written on all four interior walls of the 10th floor with a permanent marker. There were no words written on the walls, only lines and circles.
  • Chadwick Haggard and Caleb Kinmon were arrested in Keene Hall on a charge of alcohol intoxication. Police responded to the hall after seeing several subjects hanging out the windows and yelling profanity. Upon investigation, police found Haggard and Kinmon, along with 15 other males, crowded into one elevator on the 10th floor. The two, reportedly under the influence, became argumentative with officials and were placed under arrest.
  • Joshua Stidham was arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence. Stidham was stopped after police observed him driving at a high rate of speed on Lancaster Avenue. Stidham admitted to police there was no reason to waste their time because he was drunk.

Oct. 1

  • An R.A. in Keene Hall reported to police that someone had written profanity on his residence hall door in permanent marker while he was in class. The R.A. and police attempted to remove the expressions with cleaning supplies, but were unsuccessful.

Oct. 2

  • Johnathan Taylor, of Rineyville, was arrested and charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place after he was caught attempting to check into Keene Hall using someone else’s ID. Taylor told police he needed somewhere to sleep. Taylor also had someone else’s wallet in his pocket, and when confronted by police, said that it must have magically appeared there.

Oct. 3

  • A female student reported to police that four males in Powell Plaza harassed her. The student said the men surrounded her and began asking her questions that made her uncomfortable. Then, they began yelling obscenities at her.

Oct. 4

  • Police responded to Dupree Hall after receiving complaints that objects were being thrown from windows onto the ground. Officers found a damaged Sony CD-Player/radio laying in the grass, as well as a large broken flowerpot found next to the stairs. Officers also found “EXIT” signs torn off of the walls. The total amount of damage is valued at $500.