By Eva Hollenberg

Imagine a day when arm strength is more important than leg strength to travel around campus. Maybe a pole acts as a guide to maneuver from class to class, or the sound of music being played for an event on Powell Corner cannot be heard.The month of October marks Disability Awareness Month at Eastern. Numerous events and activities are presented by the EKU American Disabilities Act Awareness and Accessibility Committee to educate and raise awareness about individuals with disabilities and the problems they encounter.

Thursday was Disability Awareness Day on campus, where numerous informational booths and interactive activities were set up on Powell Corner. Students could literally put themselves in a wheelchair-user’s shoes, or wheels, by participating in the wheelchair obstacle course, which included going up and down a ramp and through a door.

“I didn’t expect it to be as hard as it was, especially opening the door and getting through it at the same time,” senior psychology major, Crystal Curry said after participating in the wheelchair obstacle course. “I feel like I just did some push-ups.”

Along with activities for students, numerous booths were set up to provide students with information about specific disabilities and groups in the community that are involved with disabilities.

A campus recreation booth gave students information about exercise machines that are wheelchair accessible at the Wellness Center on campus, and also gave students the opportunity to use one of these machines.

“I tried the arm machine at the campus recreation booth and my arms are already sore,” said Morgan Buzzell, a junior nursing major. “I only did it for two minutes.”

Other booths included information about the Americans with Disabilities Act, Eastern Offices of Services for Individuals with Disabilities and a number of other groups on campus that are helping to raise awareness.

Disability Awareness Day was only the start to a month-long event on campus. Throughout the month, the Eastern ADA Awareness and Accessibility Committee will host events to continue raising awareness among the university community.

For more information on events and awareness, go to the ADA Awareness and Accessibility Committee Web site, or contact the EKU Office of Services for Individuals with Disabilities at (859) 622-2933.