By Rachel Stone

As Eastern volleyball’s No. 1 fan, I must say that I found Clay Ward’s so-called letter of “moral support” appearing in the Sept. 24 edition of The Eastern Progress to be the most vile and offensive piece of garbage I have ever read.Mr. Ward, in a few paragraphs you have managed to insult the entire volleyball program.

In my opinion, you owe the coaching staff, players and fans an apology. If that is your definition of “moral support,” you need a new dictionary. I can’t believe you actually thought these comments were appropriate on a day when a struggling team plays its first home match of the season.

If your remarks about cheating were intended to be funny, you failed miserably. In your remarks about recruiting you managed to insult every player on the team.

Do you bother to re-read what you write to see how it sounds before you submit it? Somehow I don’t think so!

Lori Duncan and her staff and team do not want or need your advice or so-called “moral support.” They all know more about volleyball than you do.

If you want to know what true moral support looks like you should have been at practice Wednesday, Sept. 23 or outside the locker room after the Morehead match Thursday, Sept. 24.

Either time you would have seen what real moral support looks like in action.

There’s an old adage that says authors should stick to writing about things they know about. In your case, would-be journalists should do the same.

Tom Pinckley
Eastern Class of 1985