* In response to Sept. 17 Letters: “Senior shares advice from founder of Eastern with ‘newborn’ students,” “Eastern professor laments lack of replies to greetings, smiles from student body.”I am truly sorry that Mr. Boyd did not receive “experience” while attending EKU. It seems that all of his experiences came from outside the college.

I want all of our students to know that there are many in the “position of power” who will guide our students in the right direction.

I agree that Mr. Roark’s words were beautiful, but Mr. Boyd’s were not. I often wonder if some young people can have a conversation without using the “F word.” I resent seeing ugly words in The Eastern Progress.

I am very proud to be a graduate of Eastern and proud of the many students who do not have to use words that are inappropriate.

I am also proud of the students that have been a recipient of the Porah L. Park scholarship.

To all of our students: remember to smile at Mr. Swanagin and other professors because – One seed can start a garden, One smile can lift a spirit, One candle can light a room.

Elizabeth Griffin