By Danny Miller

I want to respond to a letter in your previous issue that, in its conclusion, compared the rationale of the Iraq War of 2003 to “gold-coated turds”.This was a cheap shot worthy of a political parrot. If the author disagreed with the war and its justifications, then he should do it with thoughtful comment and avoid the irresponsible rhetoric.

This is a UNIVERSITY NEWSPAPER, not the wall of a toilet stall. It is a forum where the reader expects and deserves eloquent and provocative commentary on complex issues, particularly when it comes from the newspaper staff.

Indeed, in the same issue a writer praises the recent activism for unrestricted free speech at EKU.

Free speech is a sacred privilege; you must constantly prove that you are worthy of this freedom.

It is obliged to respect the listener and to resist na’ve self-indulgence or outraged rants.

I call on this newspaper to set the highest standards for elegant individual expression and thoughtful dialogue. Thank you.

Danny Miller
Eastern faculty member