In 1994, one of the biggest snow storms to ever hit Kentucky set weather records, shut down I-75 and I-64 and caused Eastern to cancel classes four days in a row-the first time Eastern had cancelled classes even once since 1978.In order to make up for the lost class time, Eastern turned the Presidents’ Day holiday into a Tuesday/Thursday class day and made the final Friday class day a Tuesday/Thursday class day instead as well.

A similar situation occurred in 1998: 18 inches of snow caused Eastern to cancel three days of classes, one of which was made up on Presidents’ Day.

This storm has caused four snow days already, meaning we might see extra class days added on as well.

It makes sense: As an accredited institution, Eastern must make sure students receive the education their degrees will eventually say they received. If too much class time is lost, teachers would be forced to reduce the amount of content they teach in their classes.

Less content in the classes means less learning and less valuable degrees when students graduate. After all, the purpose of a degree isn’t just to help you land a job; it’s a symbol that you invested time in improving yourself and growing your brain.

It’s definitely nice to have a few days of break, even though some of us are without power. But if it comes down to it and we have to have a few days of extra classes, it would probably be nice if university officials didn’t have to listen to us whine about being forced to have a good education.

Especially when those same university officials are working full time during this ice storm while most of us get a few days of time off.

If we do get an extra day or two of classes, we should be proud to be a part of Eastern’s history. We can all come back to this university years from now when the next big storm hits and read in the student paper about the big storm that hit in 2009.