By Tyler Gilliam

Though I’d like to be health conscious and eat rabbit food all of the time, I’ve found that food that’s good for me is expensive and inconvenient. So as a typical college student, fast food is generally the way to go with me. But I can only down so many Wendy’s burgers and McNuggets before I start to go blind. Sometimes I just need a change of menu.

About two weeks ago I went to a late movie. By the time I was out of the theater my normal choices were closing down, but Arby’s is open 24 hours a day. I hesitated at first.

I’m not generally an Arby’s eater. I’m just not a curly fry man. The last time I’d even gone to Arby’s was a couple of years ago. I ordered my old standby. Chicken tenders, regular fries, and a vanilla shake. And guess what I heard?

In his best drive-thru voice, the young man in the window said, “We don’t sell chicken tenders or home-style fries. And the shake machine is broken.”

So I swore off of Arby’s for a while after that-until my most recent venture, just after my late movie.

I had heard rumors of the infamous Arby-Q, but had not chanced upon one myself. When I heard the sandwich was back, I just had to have one.

Arby’s hates me.

Every time I find something I like, it disappears. I was informed that the Arby-Q was no more. Even though the sandwich was scheduled to be on the menu until October, my Arby’s was out. Even though I could turn on the TV and see the commercial for the sandwich, I couldn’t have one.

Where does the Arby-Q go? Where does the McRib go? Why can’t Lee’s dip my chicken strips in barbeque sauce year round?

These are bestselling menu items and they are only a part of the fast food roster for a month out of the year. It seems like bad business to take something you can easily make and sell and remove it from the menu.

I don’t replace the Arby-Q with another menu item. I go elsewhere. Arby’s misses out on my business 11 months out of the year. And we all miss out on the saucy, sweet, succulent wonder that is the Arby-Q.

So write your local Arby’s, or your senator, or someone important, and demand that we get that sandwich back. This is America, and we have a God-given right to enjoy whichever sandwich we choose. Fight for your rights. Fight for the Arby-Q.