By Courtney Tennill

The DiscountWith your student ID, you get free fries and a drink with any Thickburger purchase. On average, you get an entire meal for around $4-6, depending on what kind of burger you choose.

Hardee’s also advertises a lot in local papers with coupon sheets. You can also go to and print off coupons for monthly specials.

The Good

The burgers live up to the hype in all of the Hardee’s commercials. They’re probably better than any other fast food burger, and even compete with burgers from restaurants like Applebee’s or Ruby Tuesdays. It’s definitely worth what they’re charging, especially since you’re getting free fries and a drink with it.

The fries are also good. They offer a choice of home-style or curly, which is something few fast food joints in Richmond offer. If you have a sweet spot for curly fries, you can’t pass up this deal. The drink selection is basically made up of Coke products, but they do have fresh-brewed iced tea as well.

Even though it’s not technically part of the discount, you should use some of money you save to buy a hand-made milkshake for dessert. The service is also good-my meal was at my table about a minute after I ordered.

Finally, getting there won’t drain your gas tank. One venue is right off the by-pass behind Speedway, and there’s another near exit 90 of I-75.

The Bad

It’s hard to have something bad to say about a $4 meal, but it’s also hard to ignore the nutrition facts listed on the website. The lightest option, which is the 1/3-Lb. Original Thickburger, has 64 grams of fat and 910 calories. If you add an order of fries, the $4 meal has a grand total of 1230 calories and 78 grams of fat.

And if you happen to choose one of the heavier burgers like the Monster Thickburger,

add around 500 more calories to your meal.

In other words, yeah, it’s a great deal. But it might kill you.