By Kaylie Cornett

Obama and McCain aren’t the only candidates vying for a seat in office this fall. Eastern’s Student Government Association held their fall elections this past Thursday. Positions were up for grabs in the Residence Life Council, the Student Senate, and the Student Activities Council.

This year’s fall elections were a little different from previous years. Fall elections for SGA usually consist of electing freshman candidates and RLC members.

However, there were additional vacancies this year in the senate and SAC. Student officials decided to include a special election to fill these positions, SGA Executive Vice President Lindsey Cross said.

Voter turnout was also much larger than it had been in previous years. SGA was very impressed with the amount of students who voted, Cross said. A total of 395 students participated in the election, which is almost four times the number of students who voted in last year’s fall election.

The fall elections usually don’t draw as many voters as the spring elections because fewer positions are being voted on, Cross said.

The spring elections typically draw as many as 1,600 voters.

Voting is important to the campus community, Cross said, because students select the people who will represent them.

“Without [the student body] what we do is essentially meaningless,” she said. “We have a symbiotic relationship.”

Cross said SGA introduces the idea of student government to freshman during orientation, in hopes they will become interested and want to get involved.

In order for a student to become elected to a seat, they have to file an application with the SGA and start campaigning a few weeks before the elections.

Terry Masden, a freshman double major in criminal justice and political science, was elected to the Student Senate. He said he put a lot of work into his campaign, and hopes the political experience he gains will help him pursue a career in public service. “It’s my calling,” Masden said. “I love public speaking.”

Freshman Ryan Sexton, a pre-med forensics and anthropology major, was also elected to the Student Senate. Sexton said campaigning was easy for him after his popularity soared due to his participation in the hypnotic intoxication program offered at New Student Days.

He said a lot of people recognized him afterwards, usually commenting, “Hey, aren’t you the dude who clucked like a chicken?”

Sexton said he is looking forward to the opportunity to make positive changes for future students, as well as for those who are already part of the campus community.

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