By Megan Lunsford

Students aren’t the only people at Eastern trying to earn credits this semester. Eastern’s employees are working to earn wellness credits for their participation in the Healthy You! An EKU program at the Fitness & Wellness Center. The program began this past March and will continue until next February.

It is designed to help Eastern’s employees maintain a healthy lifestyle through challenges and seminars. Each month there is a new activity for employees to participate in to help raise their physical fitness.

For September, the program’s activity is the Fall Into Fitness Challenge. Employees are able to earn points during the challenge that add up to wellness credits.

To participate in the program, employees can go to and enter their employee ID number. After registering, they can set up a profile and enter any points and credit they have earned.

Employees can earn one point for every 10 minutes of physical activity completed during the challenge. After 40 points are earned, employees receive five wellness credits.

Employees who participate in the program can receive rewards for earning 20 wellness credits.

Some of the rewards are a $150 credit on their health care premium, one personal holiday and a one-year membership to Eastern’s Fitness and Wellness Center.

“We want this to become a habit that will lead to a healthier lifestyle,” Human Resources Assistant Director Adrienne Bauer said. “The rewards are great motivation for them to exercise.”

The Healthy You! At EKU program is available to Eastern’s faculty, staff, spouses, domestic partners and family members who are between 18 and 25 years old.

“The program is easy to participate in and employees can start at any time,” Bauer said. “Right now we have about 30 percent of employees participating.”

Points earned in the Fall Into Fitness Challenge must be entered online by Oct. 10 to receive credits. Information and details about upcoming activities for the Healthy You!

At EKU program can be found at and through the human resources office.