While on campus yesterday, 8/28/08, I picked up a Progress. I was anxious to see what the progress had to say about the start of a new semester. I am very dissapointed in the paper. As an alumni of EKU, I am appalled and offended that the word “suck” is used in a headline(review of movie by Tyler Gilliam). It embarasses me that an adult who should be helping these students let that get by. There is another use of the word in the My Turn article by Ben Kleppinger. The use of words like this when students are talking to one another in person may happen frequently. It should however not be used in print. It makes the students look uneducated as well as our institution look very lax and unprofessional. If students want adults to take them seriously, then they should learn to speak professionally. Using the word sucks only makes them look immature. I love EKU and want others to be as proud of Eastern as I am. Language such as this in a published paper does not lend to others thinking well of our students or the facutly supervising them. Cynthia Stover