By Casey Tolliver

Clay Hall was renovated over the summer in order to provide students with a better residence hall, but since it reopened students have filed numerous maintenance requests.One of those students is Alethea DeMers. Demers, a sophomore art major, said when she first moved in to Clay, her fob did not work.

She had to wait outside the door to be let in, and then was required to show identification before she could go to her room.

“I guess the guy didn’t think I lived there because I stood outside waiting for someone to let me in,” DeMers said.

After DeMers moved in, she said she discovered her air conditioner was not working, and the cable outlet for her television had fallen back in to the wall.

She reported the problems at the front desk, but no one came by to fix either of them.

Demers said eventually she went to her RHC, who told her there was no documented complaint from her.

“It frustrates me that my situation has not been resolved yet,” DeMers said. “I can’t sleep, and it’s hard to even stay in my room.”

DeMers said another frustration for some students is the congestion caused by Clay only having one laundry room in working order.

“It may get to a point where people will have to wait another day just to get a chance to wash one load,” she said.

William Melton, a student who works at the front desk in Clay Hall, said he has seen around four pages full of maintenance requests from Clay residents.

Kenna Middleton, Eastern’s director of housing, said that, to her knowledge, there have been few complaints since the residence hall was reopened.

“We have had only a couple of reports of air conditioner issues until this past weekend, then we had reports of air conditioners in eight or nine rooms blowing warm air,” Middleton said.

There were three maintenance requests submitted before August, 26th, and 10 or 11 submitted over the weekend, Middleton said.

“In a renovation like we’ve done, everything is backed by a contract,” Middleton said. “Eastern is not the provider of servicing. Any time [a problem] has been reported, it’s been turned in to the contractor.”

And as far as the problem with the fob system goes, there may have been a defective fob or a hiccup in the system, Middleton added.

Despite her complaints about the renovated residence hall, DeMers said she is appreciative of the opportunity to live in the upgraded facility.

“I’m not trashing Clay Hall,” Demers said. “I lucked out to get a dorm room in Clay. I just think we should have more maintenance people when students are moving in.