By Casey Tolliver

Over the summer, EKU helped combat the notorious parking problem-or did they?The University Parking Advisory Committee recently made the recommendation of removing parking spaces along Kit Carson and Park Drive to EKU President Doug Whitlock.

In total, 65 parking spaces were removed from the two streets; 51 from Kit Carson and 14 Park Drive.

“This will improve pedestrian safety and mobility for students and employees by providing drivers with a clear line of sight when traveling on Park Drive and Kit Carson Drive,” said Mark Jozefowicz, director of parking and transportation services

According to Jozefowicz, students who normally used the Kit Carson and Park drive spaces will be provided with alternative places to park, thanks to the conversion of a couple of other campus parking lots to accommodate residential parking.

The Ault Lot was resurfaced to help provide 74 parking spaces.

The Daniel Boone Lot was also reconfigured after it was repaved and each individual space was repainted a different size, which led to eight extra spaces in the lot.

The alterations to the two lots will result in a total of 82 additional spaces of residential parking, 17 more than the 65 spaces removed.

“No harm, no foul,” said first year student Michael Pedrotti. “The more parking spots, the better.”

Other students still feel that more could be done, and are frustrated with the difficulty of finding a place to park their cars when attending class.

Kristen Delong, a senior public relations major at EKU, has been an unwilling participant in the often chaotic morning ritual of trying to find a parking place on campus.

“I was kind of pissed off because I live in Lexington, and had to leave at 9:50 for an 11:30 class,” Delong said. “They need to do something about it. It’s almost worse than UK. They could build a parking garage, put in better meters with longer time limits, or even just expand the lots they already have.”

According to Jozefowicz, the removal of the spaces will not only make pedestrians on campus safer, but will also aid in street cleaning and the removal of snow, improve the mobility of the shuttle buses, and also provide space for bicycle lanes in the future.