By Ben Kleppinger

Last semester, the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity was suspended after allegations by junior Brent Whiteside claiming several members of the fraternity had repeatedly physically abused him. Whiteside reportedly wound up in the hospital due to the abuse. The semester ended without a resolution to the issue, but the summer saw several developments in the story. As the investigation continued, it was revealed that Whiteside had been admitted to a hospital for eight days because of kidney failure.

In late June, police obtained three warrants for the arrests of suspects in the case, according to the Richmond Register. Warrants were issued for Thomas Barnes, 21, of 140 Maple Hill Drive, Gabriel M. McLaren, 22, of 633 Big Hill Ave., and Alonzo McGill, 32, of 1093 Merrick Drive.

On June 25, Eastern officially suspended Kappa Alpha Psi for eight years. In a letter to the national organization of Kappa Alpha Psi, student affairs vice president Mike Reagle said the university determined the alleged hazing had occurred. Reagle also said Eastern had not received any response from the national Kappa Alpha Psi organization about the hazing incident.

On Tuesday, Reagle said Eastern did eventually receive a letter from Kappa Alpha Psi. Reagle said he would not share the contents of the letter, but said Kappa Alpha Psi also concluded that the hazing had occurred.

During the first week of August, attorneys for the three men accused of hazing Whiteside filed for dismissal of their cases.

On Tuesday, Madison District Judge Earl-Ray Neal decided there was “enough probable cause” to go to court, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.

The court date has been set for Oct. 24.