By Ben Kleppinger

Many students at Eastern may not get their student loans as soon as they expect this semester. A non-profit loan company called “The Student Loan People,” Eastern’s biggest supplier of student loans, has told the university not to expect to receive money from its student loans until Thursday, August 21.Shelley Park, an EKU Student Financial Services employee, said the Student Loan People normally have loan money available ten days before classes begin. Another student loan company, EdAmerica, is also delaying funds until August 26, she said.
Park said the delay was nothing to worry about. “The delay in student loans.will not prevent anyone from taking classes,” she said.

Eastern is offering book vouchers to students whose loans are delayed, Park said. If a student needs to get his or her books, but their loan money hasn’t come through, they can log on to EKU Direct and print out a voucher, she said.

Students who want a voucher must have their financial aid come through first, Park said. If a student hasn’t received financial aid, they cannot print a voucher.

If students have any questions or problems, Park said they should contact Student Financial Services at Eastern.

Park said no further delays are expected. “We feel very confident that the funds will be here before the first day of class,” she said.