Because the Progress will not be published again until August, we cannot admit our blunders anymore in print. However, we do have some corrections and clarifications we should point out: In the story, “music department performs spring’s final song and dance,” the Progress incorrectly said that the EKU Alma Mater was written by Thomas Couvillon. It was actually written by Jane F. Campbell.

In this week’s editorial, “university is censoring the Progress,” some clarifications need to be made. The Progress said it filed an open records request under the Freedom of Information Act. While the Progress did use a FOIA document to file the request, the request is honored through the Kentucky Open Records Act. Journalists tend to use FOIA to describe every open records request. For further clarification, the Progress contacted the Kentucky Attorney General, who works as a safeguard for open records and open meetings laws in Kenucky. For more information about open records and your rights to them, visit