Students, faculty and staff packed out the south end of the Powell Cafeteria to hear Chelsea Clinton talk about her mother’s presedential campaign. (Ben Kleppinger)

By Ben Kleppinger

Today the daughter of former president Bill Clinton and democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton visited Eastern’s campus to talk with students and explain her mother’s various political stances.
Chelsea Clinton addressed a crowd of over 400 students, faculty and staff in the south end of Powell cafeteria for approximately 50 minutes.

Clinton began by explaining to the crowd her mother’s stance on college education. She said her mother wanted to help students afford higher education, but also wanted to help students get away from college loan businesses that are not the best financial option.

Clinton said her mother believed serving your community, by becoming a rural doctor or a volunteer firefighter for example, should be able to serve as payment towards student loans.

Clinton also talked about issues like immigration, stem cell research, health care and the no child left behind act.

These are some of Hillary Clinton’s stances, according to Chelsea Clinton.

Immigration: Supports allowing illegal immigrants to “come out of the shadows,” and start on a path towards citizenship. Illegal immigrants should be required to pay a fine for breaking the law, pay any back taxes they owe, and wait in line behind immigrants who are coming here legally.

Stem cell research: Supports research. Clinton said her mother would approve the stem cell research bill president Bush vetoed.

Universal health care: Supports it. Clinton said in the U.S., people without health insurance, members of minority groups and people living in poverty receive poorer health care than others-a problem that should not exist in the 21st century.

No Child Left Behind: Supports abolishing it. Clinton said many “achievement gaps” between different groups of students are put in place by first grade.

Iraq War: There is no easy answer to the question, especially no military answer. Clinton said her mother believes the U.S. should work more on diplomacy in order to create a secure peace.

International relations: The U.S. needs to be doing more to make friends and start alliances with countries around the world.

Students avoid the crowd, watching from a distance. (Ben Kleppinger)