By Chris Richcreek1. When Justin Verlander tossed a no-hitter for Detroit in 2007, he was the fifth Tigers pitcher to accomplish the feat. Name two of the first four to do it.
2. Name the last skipper to take over a team in midseason and guide it to a World Series title.
3. Which team was the first in NFL history to reach a conference championship game a season after losing 13 or more games?
4. How many schools have notched consecutive championships in men’s basketball NCAA Tournament history?
5. Before Carolina’s Eric Staal won it in 2008, how many times did a member of the losing side win the MVP award in the NHL All-Star Game?
6. Who was the first winner of World Cup soccer’s Most Valuable Player award, the Golden Ball?
7. Two jockeys have won the Kentucky Derby five times each — Eddie Arcaro and Bill Hartack. Which one needed fewer mounts to do it?

1. George Mullin (1912), Virgil Trucks (twice in 1952), Jim Bunning (1958) and Jack Morris (1984).
2. Jack McKeon of the Florida Marlins in 2003.
3. The New Orleans Saints in the 2006 season.
4. Seven — Oklahoma State (1945-46), Kentucky (1948-49), San Francisco (1955-56), Cincinnati (1961-62), UCLA (1964-65, 1967-73), Duke (1991-92) and Florida (2006-07).
5. Four consecutive times.
6. Italy’s Paolo Rossi in 1982.
7. Hartack had 12 Derby mounts; Arcaro, 21 mounts.