Why are there so few news stories in the Progress about actual academic events? I may be forgetting some great coverage, but the April 10 edition, for example, doesn’t seem to mention the idea that there are college classes going on, or that students are actively registering for summer/fall classes, etc. The huge spread given to the SGA debates and the candidates’ position statements seems way out of proportion to me, when there are serious discussions going on across campus about how the budget cuts will affect class sizes and tuition costs. Years ago the Progress regularly reported on issues at Faculty Senate. They met last week, apparently without doing anything interesting. I tried twice this semester to suggest some coverage of a series of international videoconferences where EKU and Model Lab students are collaborating with six other institutions to produce digital films about youth violence. Both times I was contacted by somebody from the Progress, asking for more details about the time and place, promising to be there, but as far as I know nothing ever was actually done about it. That particular story might not be deemed newsworthy, but it seems odd that there’s so much space in most issues for “everything but” academics.Gene Kleppinger
EKU Information Technology