By Courtney Tennill

We all watched William Hung butcher Ricky Martin’s She Bangs on American Idol. And yeah, it was funny the first thousand times it was replayed on various media outlets. But Hung certainly didn’t walk away with a title-or any real respect. Feel like watching true talent? Head over to the SSB Auditorium next Tuesday at 3 p.m. to watch the Foreign Language Club’s second annual talent show.

“We started this event last year as an opportunity to showcase the talents of our students,” said Abbey Poffenberger, a faculty adviser to the Foreign Language Club. And after the success of the first show last spring, they decided to host a second one.

“Students will be performing in several languages: French, German, Japanese and Spanish. There will also be some martial arts demonstrations,” Poffenberger said.

Entering is easy, and there’s only one stipulation.

“The only particular rule is that each participant must be doing something in a foreign language,” said Dustin McClain, president of the FLC. “It can be a song, scene from a play, poem or anything else that you can think of,” he said.

And “foreign language” doesn’t just include audible language; entries in American Sign Language are also welcome.

So far, around 10 acts have signed up, including entire foreign language classes.

After the performances are over, you can stick around for the second segment of the program-a recognition ceremony for Eastern’s foreign language department. Graduating seniors will be recognized, as well as students who’ve been selected to study abroad and retiring faculty members.

Once everything’s over, there will be a reception catered by Aramark.

Looking for more incentive to attend? Try extra credit.

“The students may be eligible for extra credit in their language classes,” said Sheralyn Tyler, secretary of the Foreign Language Club. “However, it will be up to their professor to determine whether they get it for attending, helping set up or participating in the show.”

Students can enter until tomorrow at 4:30. If you’d like to enter, contact Dustin McClain at

For more information about joining the Foreign Language Club or upcoming meetings, contact Sheralyn Tyler at or Abbey Poffenberger at