Joseph Knuckles and Meagan Verbillion, who were both candidates for vice president of the Student Activities Council, embrace after hearing the election results. Knuckles got the victory. (Ben Kleppinger)

By Laura Butler

Powell Lobby was buzzing with chatter about the Student Government Association election results Tuesday evening. A crowd of students sat impatiently awaiting the announcement that would reveal the new leaders of SGA for the 2008-2009 school year.

Joseph Knuckles was announced as the new vice president for Student Activities Council.

Knuckles, who received 420 votes, said hearing his name announced was a big surprise.

“Everyone who campaigned was well deserving of the position; it was good to see a tight race,” Knuckles said. “I think it’s been the closest race in the three years I’ve been in SAC. I’m excited to get in there and start planning for the upcoming semester so we can start in full force in the fall.”

Sara Spurr, newly elected vice president of Residence Life Council with 408 votes, said she is “Gee-golly-gosh-excited” about her new position.

“I’m ready for this new aspect of my career in RLC,” Spurr said. “I’m ready to pick up where this year’s council left off, but we’re also going to look into some new policy changes and possibly revisit the alcohol policy.”

Alex Combs and Lindsey Cross, who received 980 votes, will be teaming up as Student Body President and Executive Vice President for the upcoming year.

While Cross is returning to her position, Combs will be embracing new responsibilities.

While the election process wasn’t much of a nail-biter for Combs and Cross, as the two ran unopposed, the duo still said they are passionate about their new positions.

“Tonight’s announcement that I won the position really wasn’t all that exciting since I ran unopposed, but I was very excited to find out who I will be working with,” Combs said. “It’s going to be good to get to know the new members of the Senate and sit down and establish a vision and start building relationships with the members of our councils.”

Cross said she is also excited about returning as executive vice president.

“Based on my experiences in Senate this year, I think it’s going to be a good year. I’m looking forward to working with a lot of the same people and learning a lot about the new members,” Cross said. “I’m also really looking forward to working with Alex.”

n The following students were elected as student senators: Chris Rutherford, Collin Rector, Afsi Siahkoohi, Amber Ungaro, Andy Smith, Alban Holyoke, Candace Cressley, Justin Gilliam, Kara Daughetee, Emily Wells, Caleb Rice, Dajuane Harris, Luke Morgan, Ray Arnold, Brian Faber, Rob Miller, Lacy Griffith, Shane Stewart, Tristram Jo, Josh Robinson, John Broadus, Kristeena Winkler, Alex Blythe.

n The following students were elected as Representatives of the Student Activities Council: Emily Adams, Nick Bird, Sarah Hale, Scot Wiles, Noah Moran, Sarah Carty, Thomas Johnson, Jaime Higgins, Laura Fields, Kayla Carter, Maggie LaFleur, Joseph Kyle Danaher, Chris Pitakos, Kathryn Engle, George Terrizzi, Evan Blake Roy, Megan Franklin, Mike Brown.