As political science professors, we enthusiastically support your editorial in last week’s Progress, “Get out and vote-two or three times.” Whether for sga or the democratic presidential nominees, voting is indeed a way to make a difference. We want to call attention to another upcoming election. Students in EKU’s Citizens’ Assembly for Critical Thinking about the United States (CACTUS) have spent the semester studying the Electoral College and proposals for changing it. They held public hearings and heard views of other students and faculty. Now they are deliberating as to whether we should change the way we elect the president of the United States. For us as professors, it has been truly exciting to watch as students who sat quietly at the start of the semester now involve themselves in these deliberations with skill, enthusiasm, and civility. It is not too late to make your voice heard. For the next two weeks you can submit your opinions on the public submissions page of our CACTUS Web site, When the assembly reaches its decision, it will be publicized through the Progress and elsewhere, and members of the EKU community will be invited to vote near the end of the semester in a referendum supporting or opposing the assembly’s recommendation. To vote in this election, you won’t even have to go to a polling place. Simply watch for the ballot via EKU e-mail. The result will be announced on the CACTUS Web page and made available to the media and political leaders.Jane Rainey and Joe Gershtenson