By Ben Kleppinger

The U.S. government is currently in the process of building a 700-mile-long border fence along its border with Mexico, with the goal of keeping illegal immigrants out.As with most decisions the U.S. government has made in the last seven years, this one reveals a complete lack of planning and forethought, and a total disregard for the integrity of humanity.

According to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service, the fence could cost a ludicrous $49 billion over the course of its 25-year lifespan. And this multi-billion-dollar fence would span barely more than a third of the border.

I believe that a human is a human, regardless of citizenship, and that U.S. citizens only want to keep others out of the country because they have become greedy and arrogant.

But regardless of what anyone believes, the fence is nothing more than an extra-expensive insult aimed at Mexico. It’s like saying, “hey, you guys are so disgusting we’re going to wall you off like a junkyard.”

This fence isn’t going to keep anyone out, and no fence will. I recently saw a report on CBS about border fences. Some of the most expensive and sophisticated border-guarding technology the U.S. has is along the border between Mexico and San Diego, where massive numbers of Mexicans still cross each day.

I remember an interview the reporter had with the man in charge of the San Diego border. The reporter asked why Mexicans were still getting through, and the man said essentially, “they will always get through.” Walls will never conquer the human urge to survive and thrive.

The planned fence is such an idiotic idea it’s actually taking several other idiotic ideas to help make it a reality. The Department of Homeland Security has been suing U.S. citizens so they can use their land to survey for the fence.

This idea is straightforward enough: take rights away from U.S. citizens so we can pretend to keep out the “undesirables.”

And on April 1, Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff announced that Homeland Security would be ignoring over 30 environmental laws so it could build the fence. Apparently keeping Mexicans in Mexico is more important than protecting our own environment.

But stupid moves and flawed plans can be expected to arise when the motive is backwards. We shouldn’t be trying to keep Mexicans out, we should be coming up with ways to let them in. We should be recognizing Mexicans’ equal footing with us through our shared humanity, and striving to make life better for everyone, not just those of us picked at random to be born in this country.

This country is supposed to be a melting pot, a disarmingly amalgamate collection of all classes and types, not an exclusive club where the elite can look down their noses and over their fences at the poor inferior masses.