Lindsey Cross, Exec. Vice President (Reggie Beehner)


Alex CombsQ. What do you feel is the biggest issue facing EKU students today?

I believe the biggest issue facing EKU students today is apathy. I don’t believe the cause of this is laziness by any means as I know many EKU students to be very hard workers. However, students refuse to waste their time doing what they believe to be ineffective, and rightfully so. I mean, I’m running unopposed for one of the most important positions under which a student can serve. That should never happen. I want to show students that becoming involved with the administrative side of EKU is far from ineffective. Together, we really can change some things. Just think if the fifteen thousand students not directly involved within SGA actively endorsed their representatives. Now that would be effective.

Q. What do you feel would be your biggest challenge if elected student body president?

If elected president, my biggest challenge would be getting as many students involved and interested in SGA as possible. I believe one of the best ways to improve this organization is to effectively reach out to the student population. A position in SGA should be a prize to be won, where students who truly want to make a difference compete for the chance to do so. That kind of enthusiasm would dramatically improve the morale and production of SGA.

Lindsey Cross

Q: What is the role of the executive vice president?

One role that the executive vice president has is to assure that the Student Senate is being effective in representing the needs of the student body; more simply put, making sure that things get done. But also, I see the role as being a proactive one, with the executive vice president lobbying for students directly.

Q: How do you plan to improve the role of the senate with the student body?

Alex and I have a lot of plans for creating a leadership program in Student Government. I think this will go a long way with improving the communications between SGA and the rest of the student body. Additionally, I think we can do more to orient newer members of SGA to help them be able to get more actively involved from the start.

Q: What is your goal for senate?

One priority I have for Senate next year is improving the appropriations process. I think this can be done by establishing a cap for the amount that each RSO can be awarded each semester and by creating a more structured way for ranking groups.

Alex Combs, SGA President (Reggie Beehner)