Sara Spurr, Resideance Life Council (Reggie Beehner)


Sara SpurrQ. What improvements can be made to enhance the resident’s living experience?

A big improvement that can be made is to increase the presence of RLC in each hall. If RLC is to serve the residents, it should be more accessible. One way of doing this is to strengthen the bond between RLC and hall councils. I value the role of hall councils, as their members know the specific needs and wants of individual buildings and can offer more representation. While hall councils can provide RLC with ideas and information, RLC can in turn offer a lending hand too in the means of programming financial and physical assistance for programs hosted by hall councils.

Q. What are your feelings when it comes to diversity on campus and in what way do you plan on encouraging diversity awareness?

RLC can and should serve as a facilitator for more diversity awareness. To promote more awareness, there is no better place to start than the residence halls. Whether they know it or not, residents are exposed to diversity in their own living space. Through partnership with various departments and organizations on campus, RLC can offer more programming with intentions of drawing more positive awareness to the diversity that exists on campus. RLC may also serve as the catalyst for discussion and exposure to new ideas and beliefs.

David Anderson

Q. Please name one of your goals for Residence Life Council next year and describe your plan for accomplishing that goal.

In addition to the above-mentioned goals, I want to work on ways that make Residence Halls healthier/more sanitary. For example, I would like to work closely with University Facilities in implementing a 5-to-10 year mold eradication plan. Many of the Residence Halls are rather old and have large quantities of mold. Students are getting sick everyday because of rooms that aren’t sanitary. As vice president of Residence Life, I will work hard to bring residence halls up to higher standards of sanitation.

Q. What improvements can be made to enhance the resident’s living experience?

Currently, the connection between Residence Life Council and hall councils, hall staff and residents is fairly weak. As vice president of RLC, I will seek to build relationships with each of these groups. In fact, I plan to go dorm to dorm in the first several months of the new school year to hold hall forums where residents and hall organizations can come together with their RLC Representatives and discuss their concerns and ideas. By establishing relationships between these groups, we can develop policy, programs and funding that best provide residents with a better living experience.

David Anderson, Residence Life Council VP (Reggie Beehner)