(Rachel Stone)


Students love watching movies at home or in the dorm. You avoid the crowds of the local multiplex, and you don’t have to worry about some kid with a big forehead kicking the back of your seat. Unfortunately, depending on where you rent your flick of choice, you might pay almost as much as a movie ticket.Hastings knows a good price and a good movie go hand in hand. This simple philosophy, along with an inventory that includes far more than just movies, helped Hastings win the best movie store vote.

Assistant manager Dean Cope said he was pleased to be recognized for what he feels is a unique experience.

“I’m happy about it,” he said. “We strive to be at the level of our customers with personality.”

Noting that many large chains have a “churn ’em and burn ’em” business philosophy, Cope said his company truly puts the customer first.

“What makes us different? Other movie stores focus on the ‘in and out’, while we focus more on the experience,” he said.

Erin Mullen, a senior majoring in philosophy from Henderson, said she loved the promotion which gives you part of your rental fee back if you return you movie the same or next day.

“They have the best prices in Richmond,” she said. “Smaller hometown places might have it cheaper, but they’re usually out of stock and don’t have what you want.”

Let’s be honest. Was this even a competition? Who thought they could beat a movie store that not only has more movies and lower prices, but also has a huge bookstore, video games, magazines and toys?

“Our customers look forward to coming not out of necessity, but for the atmosphere,” Cope said.

You gotta have the flicks, but you gotta have style as well-and free coffee certainly doesn’t hurt.