When it comes to college towns like Richmond, you don’t have to look far to spot a liquor store overflowing with business on a weekend evening. Liquor stores around here are a dime a dozen; as easy to spot as a nerd watching Star Trek. However, if you’re going to get into the liquor business in this town, you’d better keep prices low, set yourself apart and, most importantly, make students love you.So, in 2001, three business partners decided to come together and do something crazy-open yet another liquor store in a town already saturated with venues for students to get their hard drink fix. Competition was stiff, but Liquor Mart was born with a commitment to offering a large variety of liquor at competitive rates and doing it with ultra-friendly service. It didn’t take long for success to mount; in fact, Liquor Mart became so popular that it opened a second store just five years later, named Liquor Mart II.

Robbie Grise, an evening manager for Liquor Mart, said much of Liquor Mart’s success has to do with its attention to prices and detail.

“Liquor Mart sets itself apart with low prices for those students who just have a bit of beer money,” Grise said. “We also pride ourselves on customer service; if a customer needs help carrying bags to their cars, we don’t hesitate helping out.”

Students seem to agree.

“The convenience of the drive thru and the lowest prices in town makes Liquor Mart the place to go in Richmond,” said Daniel Hudnall, a senior criminal justice major.

“It is a great honor to be voted as Richmond’s best liquor store of 2008.”

Grise said.”We really enjoy having the students from EKU come in; it livens

up the place and makes it exciting for us working here.