(Amanda Wheeler)


With a gym on campus, who knew there was room for two in town? The Richmond Athletic Club has been on the Eastern Bypass since November 2006 and has a lot to offer. From a post-baby mom to an out-of-shape client looking to tone the abs, the RAC provides a wellspring of variety for every Richmond resident. “We can customize a workout to fit anyone’s needs,” said Kristen Simpson, office manager for the RAC.

Dr. Tim Micek, Dr. John Gillespie and operation manager Bobby Stewart own the gym.

Despite the presence of a gym on campus, Thompson said the reason people come to The Richmond Athletic Club might be because it is newer or not as crowded and has longer hours. The gym opens at 5 a.m. and sometimes stays open as late as 11 p.m.

With the average price of a dollar a day or the semester student rate of $119 for four months, The Richmond Athletic Club also promotes its good staff and clean facility as reasons why people choose their gym.

Plus, “we’re open all the breaks,” Thompson said.