(Christian Fiero)


You know you’re onto something when you win not one, but two “Best of Richmond” awards. That distinction goes to T-Bombadils, which earned the prizes for best bar/nightclub, as well as best live music venue.Commonly called T-Bombs (it’s easier to pronounce when you’re drunk), the place is easy to find on First Street in downtown Richmond, and has everything you want in a neighborhood bar: embarrassing drunks, groping hands and the occasional stolen kiss.

“T-Bombs is the funnest way to make an idiot out of yourself without even caring,” said Patrick Ulrich, a junior from Annville, Ky. “It’s got a great atmosphere with a lot of locals. As far as a Thursday night crowd goes, even Lexington can’t match that.”

With substantial weekday crowds, live music and a patio, T-Bombs covers all the bases.

“You won’t find another like it; It’s a good place to get your buzz on-with a safe way home,” bartender “Country” Dave said. “I consider T-Bombs to be a cheaper version of Las Vegas.”

Shots are a dollar all week, except on “Whiskey Wednesday,” when they can be had for a mere 50 cents.

Everyone loves a Jaeger Bomb, but not at the typical steep price, which often pushes seven to eight dollars. Four bucks will get you the same licorice concoction.

There’s probably a redheaded slut in every town in the Commonwealth, and Richmond is no exception. No, it’s not a lady of questionable morals; it’s a Bacardi-based T-Bomb favorite that will have you repenting in the bathroom for only $4.

Rocking the house is a big part of the T-Bomb experience. The bar features live music Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and a DJ on Thursdays. Rockabilly, alternative and southern rock are all staples.

“We welcome people of all ages. Well, except under 21,” Country Dave said. “What happens at T-bombs stays at T-Bombs.”