By Kristen Miller

It’s election time. And it doesn’t involve Obama, Hilary or questions about who has earned more delegates.SGA elections are on the horizon for Eastern and on Tuesday, April 8 at 7:30 p.m. in the Keen Johnson building, the candidates will present their ideas and goals in a debate.

A committee of monitors will lead the debate and ask questions from lists they have written for the candidates.

Each officer up for election will answer the questions from the monitor and also from the audience, said Amanda Sutton, elections committee chair for this year’s elections

Also, Sutton said students are encouraged to e-mail any questions they want presented to the candidates at the debate.

Those questions can be sent to

“We encourage all students to come to get information they need,” Sutton said.

Some of the questions that might be asked during the debate involve how the different branches of the student government are going to work together once in office, Sutton said.

She added that the candidates will be asked their individual ideas on what they can do for Eastern.

The debates should last between one hour and an hour and a half, Sutton said.

After the Tuesday debates, the election will take place on April 15.

There will be a link on Eastern’s Web site that students can click on to vote for the candidate they want.

Also, Sutton said there is a new idea in the works for the election this year. SGA is trying to get an online voting book outside their office.

“It’s in the works,” Sutton said.

It has not been confirmed yet.

On the night of April 15, the winners will be announced. On April 24, the new officers will be inducted into the student government association during a banquet.

For more information on the election, contact Amanda Sutton at 859-622-1724.