In regards to “can hypnosis help you lose weight or quit smoking? don’t bet on it” by Walter Lesczynski you may want to let readers know exactly where you obtained your “research.” despite your obvious statement of untruth, you fail to realize that, in fact, most hypnotherapists who are worth their salt do not treat clients who are using other methods in conjunction with hypnotherapy. In addition, current research indicates quite the opposite of your statement. Pills, gums and patches have a 25% success rate. Cold turkey success rate: 2%. hypnosis: 75% estimated success rate. No. Hypnotherapists are not opportunistic charlatans – at least, not those of us who attended hypnotherapy college. There are those who could be charlatans who attended weekend seminars, which generally aren’t worth the trash in your can out back. Namaste,

Alan E. fuller