By Laura Butler

You don’t have to chain yourself to a tree or lay in front of a bulldozer to protect the earth or enrich its beauty. Rather, many organizations and campus groups are creating events that student can participate in for Earth Day, most of which are occurring right on campus.

Students and staff can share their “green recipes” with other members of the Eastern Community by posting them on or switch their light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs to conserve electricity in their homes.

Another way to become involved with Earth Day is to develop a logo for next year’s Earth Day in the Cumberlands 2009.

The winning design will be placed on posters, flyers and t-shirts for next year’s festivities in addition to winning $200.

This event not only promotes Earth Day but also provides students a chance to put a little “green” in their own pockets.

Students can also learn what they can do about supporting green power production within Kentucky on April 4 and 5 from 12:30-1:45 in the Wallace building.

Students can also participate in an “eco-friendly” project in Fresh Food Company, Table for 6.6 Billion, during lunch and dinner hours.

All week long, beginning April 14 the culinary staff will prepare featured lunch and dinner choices that promote sustainable responsible systems of food production, processing, distribution and consumption.

Dining Services will also sponsor another “cooking with the chef” event on Thursday, April 17, to learn more about how to “green up” your diet on your own.

For further information about Earth Day visit