Why is no one talking about what really happened in this terrible, violent incident? A student was beaten severely, yet what we hear is a administrator talking about how Greeks are good in general. What the hell does that have to do with this? Reagle needs to give a clear picture of what happened here and take an immediate stand against this type of violent behavior. Instead, he chose this time to defend the Greek system? Really? It’s irresponsible and indicative of the incompetence of the student services division at EKU.What a great opportunity to build the Greek system on campus…to bring the entire community together to say, as one, this is not acceptable. Instead we have a student who spent way too long in a hospital with injuries given to him by his “friends” and we havean administration that is working hard to sweep this under the rug. It is appalling and disgraceful to the injured student and to every member of the Greek community. We want facts…we deserve to know what happened…and we expect our leadership to take some action instead of praying that this will blow over without a huge lawsuit. The students involved here need to be criminally prosecuted…not just suspended or expelled. The committed criminal acts and should be treated as such.

Please keep following this case…please keep reporting on it…please keep pressure on the student services people to take some action…demand action.