Emily Knueven, a senior apparel design and merchandise major from Cincinnati, Ohio, looks through Goody’s selection of Easter dresses on Friday afternoon. (Rachel Stone)

By Courtney Tennill

Spring is here. You can finally shed the gloves, hats and ridiculously heavy coats. But for what?The true test of a trend is whether it makes it into stores where the average person shops.

This spring, the runway’s influence trickled all the way down to oldnavy.com’s “New Arrivals” section which is full of boldly colored tops and floral prints.

However, despite the runway’s influence on what’s offered in stores, Eastern students don’t seem to care all that much about what’s big in fashion.

Rachel Bentley, a senior from South Point, Ohio, said she does her own thing.

“I avoid trends,” she said, “I have certain things I like; I usually just wear that.”

Jeremy Gregory, a junior English major from Somerset, said he felt the same way.

“I couldn’t care less,” he said. “I just wear what I like.”

And while some students are simply apathetic about fashion, others have much more practical reasons for not jumping onto the trend bandwagon at the beginning of each new season.

“Really, I’m just too poor to care about fashion trends,” said Michele Long, a senior public relations major from Louisville.

This is true for many college students. Budgets are tight and buying a new wardrobe every three months just isn’t feasible.

Tiffany Sizemore, a senior nursing major from Hyden, is practical in a different respect.

She said she likes to think that everything she wears has a purpose (i.e., to keep her warm or cool). After learning that it was “in” to wear belts with anything, she said she was appalled.

“Belts were created to hold your pants up,” she said.

“I only wear them if my pants are too big. I don’t see the purpose in wearing one just for the heck of it.”

You might agree with your fellow students. Or you might have dropped the paper already to head to the mall.

Either way, get outside and enjoy springtime in Richmond-even if it is in a safari-themed dress.