I read your article “service vehicle hits student” and was trying to figure out who the “naked man” was that is referenced in the article. I believe you are referring to the sculpture in front of the Powell building. I thought individuals reading the Eastern Progress who are not familiar with our campus might need to know that we usually don’t have naked men running around campus and that a naked man did not contribute to the accident. the “naked man” is actually the “centennial year statue” by Felix de Weldon that recognizes accomplishments in space exploration. EKU is privy to a second statue, the “equestrian statue” that depicts a Kentucky mounted state police trooper. Felix de Weldon is an American sculptor who created the forty eight-foot high monument “the flag raising on Iwo Jima” that was dedicated as the u.s. marine corps war memorial in Washington, D.C. Felix de Weldon has masterpieces on all seven continents and has created over 1,200 monuments. EKU’s monuments were dedicated in 1974. Now back to the situation at hand–if there actually was a naked man at the accident scene, I would have to assume that the “streaking” trend that was prevalent in the 1970’s on EKU’s campus has come back. If this is the case, we need for the Kentucky state trooper in front of the Stratton building to be put on alert to provide assistance when called. Beth Thompson