(Reggie Beehner)

By Courtney Tennill

Nine times out of ten, high school field trips are lame. Teachers go. Parents go. Itineraries are followed to the letter. You spend hours on a school bus with people who are making out in the back seat just to ride three lousy rides at a mediocre theme park. Not your idea of fun? Try a college field trip.

Three Eastern students–Nathan Pertuset, Weston Lawrence, and Ross McClure-did just that. For spring break, they traveled to Snowshoe, W.V. to ski for a week with Campus Recreation’s Adventure Program.

Brian Clark, the assistant director of Campus Recreation Adventure Programs, was the head leader for the trip. Sarah Child, another Eastern student, was the assistant trip leader. It was open to both students and faculty, costing $500 for students and $600 for faculty or staff. The fee covered six nights of lodging with breakfast and dinner, ski lift tickets for each day, rental tickets for equipment and transportation.

All five people stayed in the same condo. “Each of us had our own room and bed,” Clark said. There was also a wood-burning fireplace, a TV and an outdoor hot tub and sauna.

Most of each day was spent skiing on four inches of fresh snow that had fallen just before the group arrived. Getting a mental image of standing around freezing to death in a heavy parka? Try again. On Thursday, the temperature reached sixty-five degrees. “You could ski in a t-shirt,” Clark said.

However, after skiing, the group spent its nights exploring the area. They sipped lattés and surfed the net at local coffee shops, saw live music performances, bobbed for pig’s feet and even went night-skiing.

Pertuset recommended Adventure Program trips to others.

“I’ve been on past Adventure Program trips, and I knew it would be a good time,” he said. “I got to ski for six days, swim outside in a heated pool while it was snowing and make some new friends.”

Sarah Child, the assistant trip leader, also gave the trip a rave review.

“Playing in the snow for spring break is definitely a fantastic alternative to the beach,” she said. “We got to swim outside in a heated pool while snow cascaded down upon our frozen heads.”

Interested in trips like this? They’re not just available during spring break.

“Our mission is to serve Eastern Kentucky University,” Clark said. “All of these opportunities are at a discounted affordable rate to the EKU community.”

For more information, contact Brian Clark at brian.clark@eku.edu or look for the Adventure Programs brochures at the fitness and wellness center climbing wall.