By Ben Kleppinger

The Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity chapter at Eastern was suspended last week after allegations were made that the fraternity participated in an illegal hazing.Dr. Michael Reagle, the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, said Student Affairs received a call from the family of a Kappa Alpha Psi student on Saturday, alleging that the fraternity had hazed the student.

Reagle confirmed that the student was taken to a hospital.

Eastern has suspended the fraternity while the allegations are investigated.

Reagle said the suspension does not imply guilt, and is a normal process whenever “substantial allegations” are made.

No formal complaint has been filed with Eastern.

Reagle said Eastern is in the process of talking to anyone who might have been involved in the alleged hazing.

The national Kappa Alpha Psi organization has also suspended the chapter pending investigation.

Reagle said the possible hazing is “an isolated experience,” and doesn’t reflect on the rest of the Greek organizations on campus.

“This is something that we take extremely seriously, however we also respect the rights of students to govern themselves,” he said.

“I would hope that all of the good things our Greek system does…would not be pushed to the side,” he said. “The Greek system does too many good things for our university and I don’t want to see that get lost.”

Reagle said if the university discovers any wrongdoing on the part of Kappa Alpha Psi, administrative action would be taken, resulting in anything from a reprimand to suspension or even expulsion of the fraternity from the university.

“It’s a big can of worms kinda thing,” he said.