I am writing this letter after reading the excellent article that was written by Cameron Blair. I have known Rick Erdmann for nearly twenty years, I have ran with Coach Erdmann since 1990. Through the years I have seen many tremendous athletes go through his program. Just looking at his “numbers” as a head coach, there are very few coaches in any sport on any level that have reached the heights that he has accomplished in his profession. As the author stated he just doesn’t compete against OVC schools, he and his teams take on all comers. What makes Coach Erdmann special to me is that he doesn’t want to be the man in the spotlight; he wants all of his athletes to get all the publicity. He has done this with limited funds; there is no indoor track facility for his athletes to train in during inclement weather. He doesn’t have a massive coaching staff like several of Eastern’s lesser successful athletic programs. What he does have is an incredibly intense desire to prepare his runners to compete against some of the best runners in the united states, and oh by the way I personally don’t know his graduation rates, but I would be willing to bet that it is right there at the top of the heap with any other sport that Eastern has to offer. His runners just aren’t winners on the track, they are winners in the classroom as well. I will tell you that virtually all of the student body, as well as the faculty at Eastern couldn’t tell you who the head track and cross country coach is at the university, but i will tell you this, in the world of collegiate running there are very few coaches who don’t know who Rick Erdmann is. Eastern Kentucky University should consider itself lucky to have this future hall of fame coach as part of its staff. I am proud to say that I consider Rick Erdmann one of my closest friends. He is a true professional who loves what he does, and he does it on a level that few coaches will ever attain.Terry W. Mullins