By Clay Ward

The Manning family may end up with two Lombardi trophies on the mantle. That is, if Giants quarterback Eli Manning continues the poise he has shown throughout the playoffs to lead his team.Eli, unlike his brother Peyton, will have a second shot at the undefeated Patriots whom both Manning brothers came so close to claiming victory against this year.

Could he do more than just get to the playoffs?

He proved this year the answer to that question is yes.

It was October of 1925 when the New York Giants would burst into the professional football world losing 14-0 to Kentucky’s own Frankfort Yellow Jackets.

Regardless of the first loss, and a sub par first season, the Giants were there to stay.

Since it’s start, the New York franchise has had one of the NFL’s richest histories to date. One of few teams who did not go bankrupt, stop play or merge with another team during the World Wars and Great Depression.

The Giants had a rich history before the Super Bowl was ever spawned, reaching their respective title game from 1961-63.

New York’s first Super Bowl appearance and win would come in against the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXV. A decade later, the Baltimore Ravens crushed New York 34-7.

Another part of the Giants illustrious history was a man some have considered the greatest linebacker of all time.

According to ESPN’s Joe Theismann and Mark Clayton, Lawrence Taylor revolutionized the outside linebacker position and is considered by both to be the greatest defensive player in NFL history.

While getting far less attention that Tom Brady and Randy Moss, Manning and Plaxico Burress had a very successful season. Burress is having a 1000-yard season, and that Manning has connected with Burress 12 times for six points.

While defending the rush each team gives up an average rushing total within a yard of the other, New York 97.7 ypg and New England 98.3 ypg.

With Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora (who currently ranks fifth in the league for sacks) lining up on each end of the defensive line, most analyst don’t have a hard time figuring out why the rush total is so low.

Passing against the G-men hasn’t been easy as they allowed an average 207.3 ypg.

The Patriots have the number one offense in the NFL,leading in pass offense which in turn contributed to leading the overall yards per game by more than 40 yards over everyone else in the league.

A lot will ride on the Giants secondaries performance come Sunday.