By Laura Butler

The dreaded words “budget cuts” have been hovering in the air in many offices at Eastern, and it’s no different for the Student Government Association. Gov. Steve Beshear’s 3-percent budget cuts for state institutions have not only caused financial cuts for the general funding of state universities, but also for the funding within specialized departments.

With the belt being tightened in the funding for the student services account, SGA’s budget must also trim portions of its budget.

Dr. James Conneely, associate provost and vice president of student affairs, announced that SGA needs to decrease its budget by 1.9 percent, a total of $4,964.

This figure will be split evenly between the Student Activities Council (SAC) account and the Registered Student Organization (RSO) account if SGA President David Fifer’s plan is approved by the both groups next week.

Fifer said he believes taking the money from these accounts is the best way to handle the cuts as SAC has the ability to generate its own revenue through the concerts and events brought to campus.

“Student Organization and SAC have the healthiest budgets, so it makes sense to cut primarily from these areas,” Fifer said.

The deductions will be taken from various budgets within the overall account, so the cuts won’t seem as drastic.

Even with the 1.9-percent decrease in the budget, SAC would still have around $127,000 to work with, according to Fifer’s plan.

Whether or not SAC and Senate will approve the proposed financial plan is yet to be determined, as the issue has been tabled until next week’s meetings.