By Bethany Bussey

?Old school game shows are making a comeback on Eastern’s campus.?The Match Game, a game show from the ’70s, was hosted Thursday night by the Student Life Office.? Prizes were awarded to all participants ranging from $5 for participation to $50 for the winner.

The Match Game is played by giving contestants a phrase with blanks, which they will fill with words provided by the judges.? The first contestant to reach ten matches wins.

At Eastern, the phrases were funny and the answers were even more hilarious.

One phrase asked, “Jamie wouldn’t even go near my waterbed, until I gave her ____.”

The contestant guessed “lap dance,” while the judges’ answers ranged from “swimsuit,” “candy,” “floaties” and “roofies.”?

Contestants and judges were picked from the audience and were rotated through three rounds.

The audience, although sparse, seemed to enjoy the experience; or, at least the free money.?

“I wanted to win big money,” said Kelly Husted, a junior fitness and wellness major from Casey County.? Although she had a fun time, she said “the games lasted too long.”

Marina White, a sophomore art major from Mt. Sterling, guessed the winning word, “private.”

“I wasn’t planning on participating, but I am glad I did,” White said.

She plans on using her winnings of $50 for food “since I have none,” she said.

Lonnie Scott, the assistant director for student involvement and leadership, said the Student Life office is always trying to provide different opportunities for students.

“It is important for students, because who wants to sit and be bored?? Activities like these get students more involved and active on campus.”

Scott also noted the more involved a student is on campus, the better they perform academically.

Activities such as The Match Game are hosted every Thursday through the Thursday Alternative Getaway.

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