By Jessica Spencer

Everyone knows that pre-teen girls across the nation idolize Hannah Montana. From her hit show on the Disney Channel and her sell-out concert that took the country by storm, it is obvious that the 15-year-old pop princess has become a phenomenal success. But what some may not know is that Hannah not only has pre-teen fans, but has college-aged fans as well.

“I’m a Disney freak so I watch it all the time,” said junior Kimberly Osborne, a business major at Eastern.

While college students like Osborne enjoy her show, other students do not share the same feelings toward the show.

“She’ll be like Brittany Spears in a few years,” said Courtney Kinter, a sophomore political science major at Eastern.

Freshman Kayla Sergeant agreed with Kinter, saying “(Hannah Montana) is overrated, but I like her show.”

But Jami Beidler, a freshman international business major disagreed, saying she likes Hannah Montana.

“I think she’s a good role model,” Beidler said.

Senior Cassie Young and freshman Whitney Mayse, a nursing major at Eastern, said Hannah Montana has genuine value for young women.

“She is a great role model and her show is generally funny. I hope she doesn’t screw up,” Mayse said.

“It seems like every good role model goes bad,” Young added.

Hannah Montana is the alias of 15-year-old Miley Cyrus, the daughter of singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus, who is best known for his country hit Achy Breaky Heart.

Both Miley and her father star in the Disney Channel hit series Hannah Montana, a series about a young pop singer who tries to lead a double life, living as both a normal teenager and a famous pop star.

“We love her show,” said senior Kelly Marsh and freshman Laura Scott. “We watch it before we go to bed at night.”

“My mom even watches her,” Marsh added.

Freshman criminal justice major Hanna Curtis says she loves Hannah Montana, and she even has her poster on her wall.

“I tried to get tickets to her concert for two hours,” Curtis said.

Allyson White, a freshman pre-dentristy major at Eastern said she even has Hannah Montana’s music set as her ringtone.

“She’s like the Grey’s Anatomy of middle school!”

So whether or not you personally like the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana, or you think she is overrated for a fifteen-year-old girl, there is no denying the Hannah Montana phenomenon has taken over not only the teen and pre-teen population, but college campuses as well.