(Reggie Beehner)

By Joe Montgomery

Einstein Bros. Bagels is not just another coffee shop. It’s the place that is finally giving students a reason to crawl out from under the covers and eat that long forgotten meal (known as breakfast) before speeding away to class.When you walk through the doors of the Moore building, your nose will fill with a sweet, warm aroma foreign to the common odors wafting from Eastern’s kitchens; the smell of freshly baked pastries.

Einstein, unlike its competitor Java-City, offers more than just shrink-wrapped muffins and outrageously priced cups of fruit. At Einstein’s, you will discover a variety of fresh-baked goods that will liven up any morning. Chicago style hot dogs, cinnamon twists, muffins, biscuits and, of course, bagels, are only half of the goodies on display. Breakfast is served all day, so even if the bagel shop isn’t enough incentive to rouse you during the a.m. hours, you can still get your bacon and egg biscuit in the afternoon when you finally achieve consciousness.

The bagel shop also serves deli-style sandwiches for those students who want to eat healthier and, let’s be honest, more flavorful foods than those offered in other locations on campus.

However, I found the prices of these sandwiches to be far too expensive. A single sandwich can cost as much as $6, but if you visit the deli of E.W. James, located right across the street from campus, a sandwich made fresh right in front of you is only $2.99.

Other than the price of their sandwiches, Einstein’s seems to offer more bang-for-the buck than any other restaurant or café on campus. When you order a muffin, it’s big and packed full of delicious calories that are worth every penny.

Unlike Java-City, you won’t only walk away from the counter eagerly sipping your caffeine fix, but you will also be satisfied with a happy belly.