By Cameron Blair

Well, well. Thank you New England Patriots. Is it not enough for you guys to stomp my beloved Buffalo Bills two times each season?

Now you have to go and prove my first printed sports prediction wrong, ending my chances at a perfect season as well.

Ironic, isn’t it?

But it was nice to see a Super Bowl come down to the final possession and it was an incredible game.

I have reasons for disliking both teams (the Pats and the Giants beat the Bills a combined three times this season), yet I was on my feet with my hands on my head for the game’s final five minutes trying to pull the G-Men to victory.

Regardless of my prediction, I will always pull for the underdog if I have fan-based interest in the game.


Because everyone likes an upset, it makes for great television and reminds us anything is possible.

If Peyton Manning’s little brother, who – up until the first round of the playoffs, always looked like he’d rather have his fingernails ripped off than be an NFL quarterback – can win the sport’s biggest game, then maybe my Bills can win one in my lifetime.

I base this on pure hope and desperation and not one shred of actual empirical evidence.

But no matter how great the Super Bowl is, the week after the big game leaves me feeling hollow and sad.

I think after the Super Bowl is over, every sports fan experiences a sort of post-partum depression. However, the American Medical Association has not recognized this as an official condition yet.

With March Madness still a month away and Major League baseball’s opening day nearly two months away, it is not uncommon for me to go into sports-related withdrawals during this time of the year.

I ponder doing all sorts of crazy things, like reading classic novels or expanding my wardrobe to include more than sweatshirts and basketball shorts.

However, after taking a look at Eastern’s athletics across the board, the urge to better myself has fortunately been suppressed. All is right with the world. A quick look around our campus is enough to keep any sports fan away from homework and significant others.

On the basketball court, the men’s team is beginning to peak after some early struggles. The Colonels have won three consecutive road games and five out of six overall. The big three of Darnell Dialls, Mike Rose and Adam Leonard have all increased the quality of their play during OVC action.

Eastern is now 8-5 in the conference, which puts them in a third place tie with rival Morehead State. With home games remaining against Morehead, Austin Peay (first in the OVC) and Murray State (second in the OVC), the Colonels final stretch of games have the potential to thrust them to the top of the conference.

On a side note, notice I said all of these games are at home.

The Murray State game will be broadcast nationally on ESPNU. This means all Eastern students should be required to attend these games.

I’m serious.

Unless you are having major surgery or you’re in jail, you should be screaming and yelling at McBrayer Arena no fewer than six times for what’s left of this semester.

I’m not one to devote all of my attention to the “big sports” (football and basketball). The Colonels are fortunate enough to have elite athletes in several different sports.

Senior Jacob Korir is dominating in the young track and field season, winning at both events thus far in the season.

I’m pretty sure Korir has won 95 percent of the events he has ran in during his (very long) tenure at Eastern. His consistent excellence is rivaled only by the Patriots’ perfect 19-0 season (Whoops. Can’t hide how giddy I am to see Tom Brady fail. I have a problem).

Both of Eastern’s tennis teams look very promising early in the season. The men’s team returns with the majority of their roster that made it to the semifinals of the OVC Tournament last spring, including 2006 OVC Player of the Year Lars Gratzki.

On the women’s side, Eastern is looking to improve upon their fifth-place finish in the OVC last season. Meredith Giles, who won the 2006 OVC Player of the Year, returns for the Colonels after sitting out last season. Eastern has won three of their first four matches this season, including the program’s first ever victory over Xavier.

If the performance is not enough to get you across the bypass to the Greg Adams Tennis Center, then the seating should.

Spectators at a Colonel indoor match can watch tennis matches on four different courts from the luxury of a couple very comfortable couches.

That’s right.

You can watch college tennis while sitting on a couch. I would love for someone to show me another sport in which you can watch a live sporting event from the comfort of a sofa.

In the next couple of weeks, Eastern’s softball and baseball teams will begin play. Eastern All-American southpaw Christian Friedrich will begin his third season of pitch for the Colonels. Friedrich is projected as a top-10 pick in this year’s Major League Baseball Draft.

There are few things better than attending a baseball game of any kind. The hot dogs taste great (I always forget what they’re actually made of when I’m at a game) and girls are out in full force working on their tans for Spring Break.

Good times.

Add the chance to watch a future major league pitcher strike out helpless batter after helpless batter, and there is no reason not to make it over to Turkey Hughes Field when the season begins.

Ahh yes, It’s good to be a Colonel.