By Cameron Blair

Do you know why I love sports? I love sports because Eli Manning can beat Brett Favre.

This is not to say I wanted the Giants to defeat the Packers in the NFC Championship. I love Brett Favre and was pulling for the Pack to win the Super Bowl.

Favre’s ruggedness and good-ol’-boy charm have caused me to have a man-crush on him, perhaps matched only by John Madden.

I love sports because they are so unpredictable.

Come on, who would have picked the Giants to beat the Packers, aside from Giants fans? At Lambeau Field with the game-time temperature at zero? And during the season in which Brett Favre is playing like the year is 1997?

Who would have thought Eli Manning, the young quarterback who struggled to live up to everyone’s expectations, would out-duel Brett Favre, the legend who has proven himself to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time?

Not me.

If I were of gambling age, I would have most certainly put my money on Brett Favre and his perpetual five o’clock shadow over Eli Manning and his pre-pubescent baby face.

Manning beating Favre is the equivalent of Mom and Pop’s Grocery putting the local Wal-Mart out of business.

It is like a movie starring Steven Seagal winning an Academy Award. It should never happen. But it did.

And this is why we watch. We watch because we can never be 100 percent sure of the outcome. We watch to see our team do the unthinkable.

Right now, Giants fans are on a high they haven’t been on since Scot Norwood’s kick went wide right at the end of Super Bowl XXV. This allows them to believe they are a team of destiny, and many of them believe they will knock off the mighty Patriots Feb. 3 in Arizona.

And you know what? They may damn well do it, because in sports, anything can happen.

I know this is cliché and I’m beginning to sound like a coach in a bad 1980’s sports movie (Teenwolf, maybe?), but it’s true.

Remember last season’s OVC Tournament? Eastern went into the final game of the tourney as a sizable underdog to favorite Austin Peay. The Governors had defeated our Colonels both times they faced them in the regular season and many predicted Austin Peay would make it three wins over Eastern and represent the OVC in the NCAA Tourney.

What happened?

Wes Channel’s two free throws put the Governors up 62-61 with 22 seconds left in the game. Eastern’s ride was about to come to an end, right?

Freshman Josh Taylor and his 2.7 points per game hit the game-winning shot and sent the Colonels dancing.

In sports, anything can happen.

Many things in life are certain. We all have to pay taxes. Politicians will always be crooked. Britney will never be a good mother. The Rolling Stones will never retire (thank God).

But sports are never certain, and that is why we watch.

We want to be amazed.

We want to see the unthinkable happen.

We want to see strong athletes show vulnerability (Terrell Owens, anyone?).

We want to see gifted people rise to the occasion and forever immortalize themselves.

That is why Colonel fans keep showing their support. They believe the team can once again overcome the odds and make an unexpected run through the OVC Tournament. They may be right.

That is why I love sports.

Eastern can knock off Austin Peay.

That is why Giants fans, along with most of the United States’ population, will be tuning in to watch the Super Bowl.

Sure, the Patriots have been the better team all season. They have more talent on both sides of the ball. But that won’t matter when Super Bowl Sunday comes.

Why do I love sports?

Eli Manning can beat Tom Brady.